The story so far…

A little over two years ago, I stood outside Stanley’s in Birkdale village and said what a fantastic space it would make for a deli. Little did I know it then, how difficult it would be to turn that thought to reality.

The sheer effort involved in getting up to go to market each day to ensure we have fresh produce to go onto the shelves… well, it’s a struggle some mornings I don’t mind telling you. The number of times I have heard the alarm and groaned, or beaten the alarm and moaned.

That said, once you are there and the produce is all around you, it seems worth it.

The idea was to take on the business from Ray and Viv, and do our level best not to botch it from there. Then, when we were ready, to begin work on putting a deli at the rear of the shop and make use of the space as much as possible. It began with the painting. Easy, or so I thought. It meant moving everything out of the shop to allow the decorators to come in like little elves over the weekend and do what they do best.

Then, Monday morning, get everything back in again before anybody banged on the door to get in! Me and my great ideas. Anyway, we did it, and survived to talk about it all. Then the flooring. Then finding a new home for those books that remained. For that, we must thank John and Will, they contacted the British Heart foundation, who came and gratefully collected the books.

Then the purchase of fridges for the deli items. Not easy. And getting them through the door was a challenge that I lost sleep over, but in the end the guy who brought them almost did it on his own. Top man.

Then sourcing the right produce to put in the fridges. And this is the key to what we want to do. It has to be the right produce. There is no point in us stocking everything you might find in a supermarket ‘deli’ counter, as I don’t believe that is a real deli. So, we try to put in as much effort as we can into trying to figure out what people might want to see. We don’t always get it right, but we do try.

We’re not done yet either, there are many more things we will source over the coming months that hopefully, some of you might like or even love.

At the same time, we remain a greengrocers and continue to do our best to supply quality fruit and vegetables to the community at the best price we can.

Something else we are going to begin doing is posting a recipe of the week on the website, to Facebook and in the shop. it would be nice I think, to give people an idea of what to cook for tea or lunch, as with busy lives it’s not always practical to have thought of it before you rock up at the shops.

And, we will begin allowing people to order veg boxes through the website and have them delivered to their homes. This will likely begin in July, and following on from that, we will make our entire range of fruit, vegetables, dairy and deli items available to buy online and have delivered.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the residents and traders of Birkdale and Southport, for their continued support and for making us feel so welcome, and a part of the community.

From the team at Stanley’s and Hampton’s, please accept our thanks.


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