Hampton’s Birkdale Brew

Hampton’s Birkdale Brew

Caffeine is said to have miraculous health benefits, and has long been considered a health tonic in moderate quantities. But, it has also been proven that once roasted, the beans begin to lose their efficacy and flavour.

So, we decided the only way to truly know how long a bag of beans has been on a shelf, is to roast it ourselves. So that’s what we did. Birkdale Brew is roasted by us, here in Birkdale.

Initially we have three different beans for you to try:

Columbian Tolima – A single origin bean from the heart of Columbia, this is a reasonably dark roast, apparently with flavours of Melon, Apple and Chocolate. We can definitely taste chocolate!

Brazilian Veloso – The producer is Pedro Humberto Veloso (what a great name?), and this is another dark roasted, single origin bean. This proved particularly challenging in the roast, darkening quite quickly and almost going too far to retain it’s flavour. Apparently this is Stone fruit, Vanilla Honey Sweetness. We’ll let you decide.

El Salvador – Our personal favourite, this roasted beautifully and kept all of it’s flavour compounds, which are said to include maple syrup, orange and almonds. This is a serious single origin bean

We will continue to try new beans, and keep you updated on their progress and interesting tasting notes.

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  • Andrew Walker
    Posted at 10:10h, 31 August Reply

    I absolutely love this coffee.

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